Promo (2017)

by Freeze Etch

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Adam Duckworth (Freeze Etch):
David Dodson (Voidstar Productions):


released July 6, 2017

All tracks composed by Adam Duckworth.

Track 1 is a BRAND NEW, UNRELEASED track, exclusive to this promo!

Track 2 was originally composed for the "PLEX: In Honor of Drew Perry" compilation, released by Voidstar Productions in 2017. 100% of proceeds from sales of "PLEX" benefit the family of Drew Perry, a deceased friend of the industrial scene and fan of Freeze Etch's music.

Track 3 composed in 2013 with Tony Tagliaferri on live drums, and released on the Freeze Etch collection "Not Today: 2007-2015" by Voidstar Productions in 2017. 100% of proceeds from sales of "Not Today" benefit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Track 4 original version appears on Freeze Etch album "Vessels", released in 2008. Remix by Daniel Myer appears on the Freeze Etch remaster and expanded EP "Helios II", released in 2009.

Tracks 1-3 mastered by Robert Galbraith.

Track 4 mastered by Clint Sand.

Freeze Etch - "Not Today: 2007-2015" cover art by Eric Carl.

V/A - "PLEX: In Honor of Drew Perry" cover art by Derek Rush.





Freeze Etch South Bend, Indiana

Adam has been a solo producer of stirring industrial and ambient music with hints of experimental techno and post-punk since his first release in 2002. To date, he has released music as Freeze Etch for Immanence Records, Tympanik Audio, Force Of Nature Productions, Voidstar Productions and others. He lives in Indiana and also DJs both in the club and on the radio, albeit irregularly. ... more

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